Friday, 16 December 2011

The Job List

We all decided on  jobs that we would play through our film. The list is as follows:
  1. Anna Sewell = She was assigned the job of actress and the second camera operator.
  2. Josh Brown = He was assigned the job of editor and actor.
  3. Dan Sheridan = He was also assigned as the editor and actor.
  4. Joe Morgan = He was assigned with director and the camera operator. (Storyboard)
We all participated a small part in different jobs such as editing and planning the storyboard, but it was easier for certain people to do certain things.

Music And Sound Effects

One of the soundtracks we used in our film was from Transformers, we used this sound track as it's a tense score that has a dramatic impact on the film. It was downloaded from YouTube.

Transformers - the all spark music =

At the beginning of the film, we used The A-Team Theme Tune, as it implies a heroic nature tying in to our Superhero/ Villain theme.


Thursday, 15 December 2011

Editing The Film

This is Josh beginning to edit the footage. He is deciding what order to put the clips while checking the storyboard. This involves watching each clip through and then cutting and deleting the unused footage.
This is Final Cut Pro, the editing software that was used to edit the film. Here the clips were put together using transitions and visual effects. A soundtrack was created using several scores downloaded from YouTube, including The A Team Theme Tune and a track from Transformers 3.
Josh hard at work editing. The pure unadulterated concentration of a serious editor!

Throughout the edit, many choices had to be made on transitions to make sure the experience of watching it was a very cinematic one, we had to match the transitions to the music and a tense atmosphere was created.
                               Slow motion was one of the only effects used, it didn't turn out as planned because the framerate affected the slow motion.
                             Another effect was on Anna's voice, an echo was added to replicate the enclosed space.
For the ending credits we used Float HD for a cinematic experience.
                                    when it came to the crew, we decided to go with a different motion for each, Josh chose Point List HD for his chosen credits. Joe chose Fold HD for his, and finally Dan chose Text Rack Focus HD.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


On the left we have two of our many camera positions for this shoot. Anna was standing above where we were acting out the scene, Joe was at the same level as us. Anna had a hand held camera to give it a greater sense of an action scene. The two camera shots are as follows: Joe is filming the over the shoulder shot (OTS) which is also a 2 Shot.
Anna is filming the high angle shot that is a Medium Long Shot.
Joe's shot is at a slightly higher angle above the Hero's shoulder to portray he is in a position of power at that specific moment.

This picture has been taken from Joes camera position (in picture above) this is an over the shoulder shot / reverse shot. this was taken during the dialouge sequence in our film.

Our Team Checking Our Footage After Filming.

On the left we have Anna and Josh checking some tester footage before of same action as the smoke running but we did the tester without smoke so that we didn't waste any that wasn't needed. as you can see from the pictures below, the tester was correct and we did the shot but with smoke.
On the right we have the team checing the real footage of the running through smoke scene to make sure that it was what we needed and to see if we could improve it in any way.
Finally above, we have us checking some more footage again from the smoke running scene, this camera though was at waist height so the actor is running towards the camera. This is the same shot as above just from  different angle to show fully what we were doing which is looking at the footage.

The Smoke

The picture on the left is Josh setting up the smoke pellets in our location, they are standard plumbers smoke pellets that we used to create the feeling that the building was on fire. Joe was filming the close up, the aim was to get the legs running in the shot, where as Josh was filming the frontal shot.

The picture below is of Dan running through the smoke that we made using the pellets as mention above. We were trying to give the imprestian to the audiance that Dan was Running from a burning bulding to escape. The scene came from the storyboard that Joe drew and wrote

Below is a picture of the Smoke pellets that we used to create the smoke in the above two pictures. These pellets cost £10 for 10 but we each shared the cost at £2.50. Only two pellets were used in the sequance as we were in a small space.

The Costumes

These are our groups chosen costumes.
The suit jacket and the red cape we borrowed from the theater costume cubbord and the rest were brought from home.
  •  Josh (far left) is playing the part of the super hero called Red Cape. He is the charecter who is trying to stop Dr Big Nose from taking over the world.
  • Anna (middle right) is being the hostage of Big Nose (he's the villain). Dr Big Nose takes her hostage as this is Red Capes love and he knows that if anything is worth having to try and stop red cape, she is the   only one.
  •  Joe (far right) is a mexican cowboy in the picture but played the role of the camera man for the film aswell as the director. He was originally going to be Red Cape's side kick but we didnt have enough time to film his part.
  •  Finally Dan (middle left) is the villain trying to take over the world, he is called Dr Big Nose. He takes Red Cape's girl hostage to use to get him out of trouble if he runs into Red Cape. He is a supervillain and uses his smarts to help him.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


This is the compilation of locations that we are using for the filming, the area is the closest we could find to a back alley/ evil lair type place, where the villain will confront the hero.
Joe made the compilation in PhotoShop.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Three Definitions

  • Match on Action - A character begins an action, the footage then cuts to another perspective whilst the character continues the previous action from the same position.
  • for example:
  • in this vidio the girl walks to the bookcase in what suposidly is ment to a libary, as she puts her hand up to get the book the camera changes position to a close up of her hand carrying on the action and taking the book off of the shelf.

  • Shot/Reverse Shot - Two or more characters in conversation, a series of different camera angles allow the audience to see all the characters individually when they are speaking. The frame then switches from character to character.
  • for example:
  • this is a typicle shot seen in conversations as it outlines and the viewer can get at better look at the emotion expressed in the charecters faces and can connect better to the situation visually.

  • The 180 degree Rule - Two or more characters in conversation, an 'imaginary line' goes approximately through the centre. The camera stays on one side of this 'line' to avoid confusion. The camera then has a total of 180 degrees to move around on one side of the 'line'. The only time a camera can switch to the other side of the line is when it is capturing in motion.

  • Preliminary Brief

    Your Task:
    The specification states that this must be:
    ‘ A continuity task involving filming and editing a character opening a door, crossing a room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character with whom she/he then exchanges a couple of lines of dialogue.’ The sequence must last no longer than one minute.

    This task should demonstrate:

    • Match on Action
    • Shot/Reverse Shot
    • The 180 degree Rule

    All filming and editing must take place on Haywards Heath College campus. You will record your learning and processes on a group blog, which you will continue into the Main Task (the opening of thriller film).