Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lighting Exercise - Homework 6

For this photo, we used a sitting down model with two lights. One to the models right at head level which was used as the key light and one behind him at a higher level pointing down used as the back light. One difficulty we did experience was that the lights of that location were on and therefore did not give us the darker effect shown in the preview.

This photo was acheived by using two models. We used both lights provided, one at a high level presenting the left model. This light illuminated her forehead and nose and left the rest of her face as a shadow. The light for the right model was placed at a very low angle directed to the right side of the model's face, leaving the left side shadowed. One difficulty we experienced in creating this re-enactment was the size difference between these two models, which made it challenging to get the framing correct.

By Josh and Anna

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  1. The idea is to try and hide your actual lighting. Only use the props.