Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Costumes

These are our groups chosen costumes.
The suit jacket and the red cape we borrowed from the theater costume cubbord and the rest were brought from home.
  •  Josh (far left) is playing the part of the super hero called Red Cape. He is the charecter who is trying to stop Dr Big Nose from taking over the world.
  • Anna (middle right) is being the hostage of Big Nose (he's the villain). Dr Big Nose takes her hostage as this is Red Capes love and he knows that if anything is worth having to try and stop red cape, she is the   only one.
  •  Joe (far right) is a mexican cowboy in the picture but played the role of the camera man for the film aswell as the director. He was originally going to be Red Cape's side kick but we didnt have enough time to film his part.
  •  Finally Dan (middle left) is the villain trying to take over the world, he is called Dr Big Nose. He takes Red Cape's girl hostage to use to get him out of trouble if he runs into Red Cape. He is a supervillain and uses his smarts to help him.

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  1. break the text up into separate headings, one for each character