Friday, 2 December 2011

Three Definitions

  • Match on Action - A character begins an action, the footage then cuts to another perspective whilst the character continues the previous action from the same position.
  • for example:
  • in this vidio the girl walks to the bookcase in what suposidly is ment to a libary, as she puts her hand up to get the book the camera changes position to a close up of her hand carrying on the action and taking the book off of the shelf.

  • Shot/Reverse Shot - Two or more characters in conversation, a series of different camera angles allow the audience to see all the characters individually when they are speaking. The frame then switches from character to character.
  • for example:
  • this is a typicle shot seen in conversations as it outlines and the viewer can get at better look at the emotion expressed in the charecters faces and can connect better to the situation visually.

  • The 180 degree Rule - Two or more characters in conversation, an 'imaginary line' goes approximately through the centre. The camera stays on one side of this 'line' to avoid confusion. The camera then has a total of 180 degrees to move around on one side of the 'line'. The only time a camera can switch to the other side of the line is when it is capturing in motion.

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    1. these are too short and you have no visual explanation - bit lazy guys and that is how it will be interpreted!