Thursday, 15 December 2011

Editing The Film

This is Josh beginning to edit the footage. He is deciding what order to put the clips while checking the storyboard. This involves watching each clip through and then cutting and deleting the unused footage.
This is Final Cut Pro, the editing software that was used to edit the film. Here the clips were put together using transitions and visual effects. A soundtrack was created using several scores downloaded from YouTube, including The A Team Theme Tune and a track from Transformers 3.
Josh hard at work editing. The pure unadulterated concentration of a serious editor!

Throughout the edit, many choices had to be made on transitions to make sure the experience of watching it was a very cinematic one, we had to match the transitions to the music and a tense atmosphere was created.
                               Slow motion was one of the only effects used, it didn't turn out as planned because the framerate affected the slow motion.
                             Another effect was on Anna's voice, an echo was added to replicate the enclosed space.
For the ending credits we used Float HD for a cinematic experience.
                                    when it came to the crew, we decided to go with a different motion for each, Josh chose Point List HD for his chosen credits. Joe chose Fold HD for his, and finally Dan chose Text Rack Focus HD.

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