Sunday, 25 March 2012

3 title sequences by Josh Brown


This title sequence feels rather unique because it's not often that movies use titles that interact so physically with the subjects in the frame. Unlike most titles in movies, some text is actually positioned in the way of characters so they can interact with it. In the first frame, a man is seen being thrown from a balcony in slow motion. The text "Columbia Pictures presents" is seen floating underneath the balcony. When the mans flaying arm comes in contact with it, individual letters begin to get knocked out of the way. When the title of the movie is presented after a few actors' names, it is shown floating in the air in front of a man with a crowbar. He swings the crowbar forward and a smashed glass effect is applied to the text and the rest of the screen to make it look like a big pane of glass. The "I" of Zombieland is smashed away when the bar is torn through. In my opinion, i found this interactive title sequence very eye catching and effective.

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