Friday, 2 March 2012

Rushes #1

This short clip shows Justin's legs. He is being dragged into the garage. Later on in final cut pro we added two black shutters to imply that his eyes are opening and closing - a point of view shot.

This clip shows the amount of tries it took for us to perfect the pan-down from the lightbulb to the back of Justin's head and then the punch.

The wriggling of Justin's hands as he tries to escape. We used an overhead LED light instead of a regular bulb and moved it from side to side to create the impression of the lightbulb still swinging. A slight-high angle shows his arms and tied-up hands.

A medium long-shot of Ellie sniffing in the corner. The first hostage shot of her.

A medium close-up shows Lewis shuffling the cards and Josh directing him in what to do with them.

A close-up showing Lewis shuffling the cards.
We filmed this scene again in a close-up to show greater detail.

An extreme close-up was used to film the detail - Lewis's smirk.

This clip shows us trying to get the mirror postion and the lighting perfect for the most important shot in the film.

We filmed all of these scenes at different times and not all of them in a chronologial order. We could see the shadow of the chair and in most of the other scenes Justin is sitting in it, therefore it was important we got his shadow in this too.

This clip shows Dan walking into the garage, we used a silhoutte effect. This clip shows us getting the size of the lights the same size and height.

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