Friday, 2 March 2012

Rushes #3

An overhead shot of the 4 aces being turned over. We didn't use this clip in our production though.

Instead, we used this. A different angle type - a side angle of the 4 cards being turned over.

In both of these shots we were trying to aachive the four aces card trick, where the deck is split and shuffled by when split into four pilles the aces are ontop. This goes with our film as our film is about gambleing and money, cards are also to do with gambleing, tihs is a clue to the story line. we used some parts of both of these shots in out production to get some variety on this scene.

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  1. you have some interesting shots here and this is good practice. You need to develop the posts by having some Textual Analysis alongside - how and what you are trying to achieve in each.