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Thriller Evaluation - Dan Sheridan

1) In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? From the feed back that i have recived on facebook from the people that have watched it, our thriller raises questions just like in a real thriller, it raises he questions of why is the girl in the corner, what is she to do with it? what does he owe him and why? who are they? and what have they done ect. These questions make the viewer want to watch the rest of the film so that these questions get answerd. anather aspect of a thriller is to thrill and have an interseting and thrilling story, ours is about gambleing debts which have had a big feature of crime thrillers in real media products. this makes our product in the thriller genre. we used the same type of scenery as in james bond casino royale and through tis we adapted it to make it our own, however in the james bond clip we know about the charecter as this is halfway through the film, ours is at the start raiseing the desired questions.
                           (you may have to skip some time to get to the torture sequance)

As in any film, music is very important. in our film we have used verry tense and chilling music to put our point across that this isnt a verry nice scene, this adds effect to the film. we also use silence in our film allot, just like in conventional films again like casino royal the scen of him torturing bond was a silent background, adding the effect of solidarity just as we have tried to get the same effect with the silence in ours.
                        Anather way that we used in our film to portray an unfriendly feel is by useing low lighting, used again in casino royale, we tried to make it look as if it was a single lightbulb, plain boreing and just swinging in the centre of the room, adding the effect of spookyness aswell as lonlyness again.
Anather way that we tried to portray that it was an isolated location was with the use of the soundtrack haveing a likeness to the windblowing, and the lighbuld just swaying. only this, the soundtrack and the punching is the only sound. allow the audiance to belive this location is isolated and that there is no hope of rescue. again there are many films that have used this technique of silence and when mixed with the lightbulb combonation it leads to a verry effective and convinceing torture scene that will send chills down the spines of the audiance.

2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?
 Our media product reprisents the gangster type social group where he has loned somone money who has lost it all in gambleing and the boss wants it back, the gangster type is the normal small boss guy whos in charge of the hole thing that never does any of the dirty work, he has a henchman that does all of that for him. Hes the steryotypical big strong guy who rarely talks except with his fists and only does what his boss tells him. Then we have the person who got the money lent to him, he is just a normal person who got in with the rong people now he has to pay for it. we have the girl in the corner, as usual shes helpless not even tied up in the back of the room, she dosnt say anything and cannot fight for herself. shes just being used as a type of "insurance" that the boss will get his money back, finally we have the man at the the back of the room playing cards, hes a mysteryous man who dosnt talk and just looks sinister. his part in the film is anather gambler but he works for the mobsters to get the money, he is a type that cheats and gets away with it.

3) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
Personnaly i think that we would distribute our product contry wide instead of regionally, this would then bring in more money and have a bigger audiance range to enjoy our film.i think that we should get a distributer that is  well known but at the same time has distributed films of this genre before. |I think we should use momentum picrtures ( for the reason that they are very well known, have brought out many popular films in the past and they deal with thrillers allot aswell as other genres. a well known companie is good to have to distribute our thriller as people will know this compaine and if they have had good films under their companie before they will have the reputation and people prefere to buy from companies with reputation as they know the sort of quality and popularity of the films that this companie has distributed in the past. momentum pictures have distributed films such as the crazies, the girl with the dragon tatoo, haywire and more. all these films had a very good review and were very popular, this will have then put the reputation up for this distribution companie.

4) Who would be the audience for your media product?
Our primary target audiance being teenagers (15) and above. We would put it into cinima's around the contry we would be distributeing it to, this will then promote our film along with the advertiseing and intise people to buy it once distributed. we would be advertiseing it with poster in cinima's before it comes out into the cinima, have trailers on current DVDs and blue rays and then trailers on the TV aswell. this woll reach our target audiance as this would be what most people this age will be doing, the cinima will attract people to this film as they are there to watch films showing which shows they like to do that, then they will see the poster and it would interest them to watch it. trailers on blue rays and DVDs will mainly be on thriller DVDs as its in the same genre people who would have brought the film must like that perticular genre, this then isnt just promoting to our target audiance but alos to out primary genre promoting it to two different audiances at once. the trailers on the tv would have two types, one trailer that is family friendly that can be shown during the day, this will then promote the film to people who have kids or baby sit or work nights, then there will also be a trailer to be shown after the watershed this will have more action in and more of the thrill. this will agian then talk to the people that work days, dont watch there TV programs till their kids go to bed or even to people who just watch TV at night. the point is that through all of these ways our target audicance is reached and so is the audiance of that genre.

5) How did you attract/address your audiance?
  Like i said the question above, by useing advertisements on TV, Posters and current DVDs and blue rays (mainly of the thriller genre) these advertisments will be interesting exciteing and action packed (more action after the waatershed) this will apeal to the audiance as a thriller needs to be exciteing and interesting so if the advert isnt then whats going to make them think the film will be. anather thing is that if it isnt exciting and interesting then the audiance isnt going to watch it and are going to get bored and go do something else. The trailer wouldnt give any vital information away but will show some of the main parts of the film to give them clues and make them ask questions, This will get the audiance interested and make them want to go see this film so that they can then find out the answers to the questions. The distributer that we have will also help, if we use a well known one like i have picked abouve (momentum pictures) then they will have reputation so this will also help boost our audiance with people familliar with the films thhat this companie has brought out in the past.

6)What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?   throughout the makeing of our movie, i learnt more about the editing softwere final cut pro, when we did our prelimonary we only used basic and simple effects from the softwear, wehereas during this production we have all had a go at the editing, all put an input and have all experimented with the effects to get the best out of what we had. i also use3d the softwere audacity to edit the soundtrack, we wernt allowed to use coppyrited music, so what i did was i got together some of my family who play musical instrimunts and got them to play some music, then useing audacity i put the music together aswell as adding some stock sound avalible from the internet i put it together added some effects that were avilible from there and then it was ready to be added to the movie and placed whereever we needed it. i also learned more about the camera and the effects that can be done all with positioning, the actual cameras effect themselves and external lighting to add shadows, remove shadows and again give effect to the scene. we also had to use filters in our production to get the desired effect, again even tho this was simple the effect was far greater then the amount of effort it took to do. We had to use the dolly for a tracking shot in our production, we used this to move the camera in a different way to what had been done during anather part of the movie, this worked well and gave the desired effect, although it was hard to do we managed it in about 45 mins for a 10 second clip.                      

7) Looking back at you prelimnary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?
Our preliminary task i think went well but we wernt verry experiance and didnt have alot of knowlege on things like the importance of lighting and that 9 times out of 10 it is artificial or there is part artificial. we didnt know about stuff such as all the camera shot and angles that we do now. This thriller though went allot smoother when we knew what we were doing and we were allot more confident in it. since the preliminary we have been alot more adventurose with our camera angles, shot types et and the editing we were allot more comfertable in aswell. All this extra confidence that we gained through the lessons that led to the filming and editing this product helped alot with the way that it came out in the end. if we compare the two videos that we have made, the preliminary we only used simple shot, angles and effects wheras in this one we have tried harder to be adventurouse and use shots and angles that would make the final product look and feel more interesting and want to make the audiance want to carry on watching, wheres the preliminarry i dont think that it wouldve been as exciteing and wouldnt of drawn as much attention.

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