Sunday, 5 February 2012

Ideas for opening 4: 

Location: Our original idea was based in a hanger at Shoreham airport but as we didn't get permission we decided that we would change to location to one which we could get permission on. e have now decided that our location now will be in josh's garage.

Bomb: For the bomb, we will use an old black suitcase, with 3 empty Pringle's cans to simulate the explosives. We have an electronic LED display that ranges from 0 to 19, to simulate the bomb timer.

Because the timer is too complicated to program to make it countdown automatically, we could take extreme close up pictures of it, and then create a slide show, that makes it look like the timer is counting down.

Camerawork ideas: At the very beginning of our thriller piece we could start with the light hanging and swinging above her/his head. If the camera angle stays the same then it would be a track down, but if the camera stays in the same position but starts to face down, then we would use a tilt.

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