Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Experimental tester shots 2 (on location)

Swinging Light Bulb Pan Down To Character

Before we even storyboarded our production we had in our heads the desired effect we wanted with one of the shots. We experimented with lots of different camera angles and heights, a camera hand-held or a camera on a tripod. - When it came down to producing the shot for real we used a hand-held camera and we used a normal eye-line angle. This gave the shake-y, frantic look we desired. Different from the tripod which made too much sound and wasn't smooth enough.

Mirror Scene

When we were at our location we decided to do another test of this shot as there was limited space and we had to figure out how to overcome the bumpy floor. We overcame this by putting down wooden planks to act as a smooth runway for the dolly to roll across. We had difficulty with this as the wooden planks were of a different thickness and size and when the dolly was rolling across there was a bump down from one plank to the other. We had to place something underneath the lower board in order to make the same height as the other. 

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  1. This is good practice guys. Well done. In addition, you should add some text in which you reflect on what you have learnt. Always demonstrate that you are learning something - be critically reflective.