Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Storyboard original images

1) P.O.V shot of a man's legs being dragged backwards. this is a link to a vidio with an example of this shot being used at the beguining of the clip. -

2) Shot of a swinging light bulb. Then tracks down to the next shot.

3) Once the camera tracks down to this height, it will show a man being beaten in a chair from behind.


4) Cut to a high angle close up of a girl sitting in the conrner

5) Low height medium shot of a mans side sitting at a table in  the opposite corner to the girl

6) the villain then holds a mirror to the hostages face, the camera and audience is then aware of his identity. After a few seconds, the camera will then track around on a dolly to see his face for real (next image). After a few more seconds, a bright light will shine onto his face.

7) Cut to a low angle of a man standing in doorway. Identity hidden by silhouette effect.

8) Cut to an eye level extreme long shot of the girl in the corner, the main villains legs will then slowly walk through the frame. Her eyes follow him. A suitcase will be seen being put down before he crossed her view.

9) Very high angled shot over the shoulder of man sitting at the table playing with cards.

10) Low angle medium shot of hostage in chair, main villain seen walking around him (with dialogue).

11) Cut to big close up of girls face to show her trembling and tears.

12) Over the shoulder shot of main villain picking up suitcase.

13) Cut to shot of hostages lap. The suitcase is seen being put on his lap.

14) Track up from last shot to reveal hostages facial expression.


  1. good, although it is perhaps a little light - will you only have 14 shots in your sequence?

  2. You could also spend some time experimenting with the mirror shot which sounds interestring. Rooms are available thois pm, so yo0u could make a little film showing your experimentation. This is level 4 practice when you do this.