Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Location

We decided that we wanted to use an isolated space that would be out of view, intimidating and dark. After searching around we found that Josh's garage would suit this perfectly. Although it was on the small-side it was the best possible location we could find in all aspects so we worked around it and improvised by moving things about to give the impression that it was bigger.

This is a short video of us at our location setting shortly before we adjusted the space for filming that night. Our location was small and confined but it was the best we could find so we improvised. In order to combat the amount of space we had to work with we decided to move things about, giving the impression the space was larger... a 'warehouse'. We found filming in this confined space difficult when using the lights on the tripods and distance from the camera to the subject, but sometimes it didn't hinder us.

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  1. Good, again some text to discuss the pros and cons of this location.