Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Bomb (Dan Sheridan) and light bulb Props (Josh Brown)

As you can see above and left I have placed the bomb inside a metal silver briefcase, this type of case is more common in this situation then a black leather one. whilst making the prop I came up with a difficulty in deciding on what to use for this. The dynamite are normal long candles that I have painted red with acrylic paint and used black electrical tape to bound them in groups of threes. I have decided to use a digital clock as the activation trigger as it has a programmable countdown timer which will make it perfect for our opening. The phone placed at the top right acts like a power source but also as a secondary detonator. If this was a real bomb the phone will be connected via a low vaultage cable, this would mean if the vaults from the phone changes (e.g screen lights up or a button is pressed ect) the vaultage will change setting off the bomb. in this case I have used ordinary garden wire for the cables. the wire is stuck onto the back of the phone and the clock.

 This is the light bulb that we will be using. It is a light from a car then i soldered to a long cable which was then soldered to a 9 volt battery connector.

This is the light bulb taken from a car.

 This is the 9 volt battery that will be powering the car light bulb.
Because the car light bulb is small, we will attach it to the back a bigger household 230v light bulb. So in the second shot, only the household light bulb will be seen with the car light bulb behind it.

This is the lightbuld fully constructed, we have attached the car battery to the back of a normal lightbuld to add the desired effect to the normal sized light bulb.

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