Wednesday, 22 February 2012


The film is all about a man who has lost a lot of money to another man in a gambling match and cannot afford to pay him back. At the start, a guy is getting beaten up and interrogated in the middle of a room. Then, after a while the boss comes in and gets the information he needs. Then, he disposes of him with a bomb. Beforehand, he drags the girl out of the room with him to torture her and find out where he keeps his money. After this opening it would then cut to a flashback that shows him before the gambling match, losing and him being caught. In the middle of the story we see him on the run from the guy who he owes money to and anyone that gets in the bad guys way gets in trouble. We finish with the opening, we see the introduction again but from different point of view.

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  1. A card game or any form of gambling can be a very powerful ingredient in a thriller opening. i would research this carefully - OTS shots revealing the hand, lots of Shot/reverse shot sequences using CU and ECU, overhead lighting - you could do some really impressive work on that.