Monday, 13 February 2012

Our final decision on the opening

We have finally come to the conclusion that the location will be Josh's garage. we will be using the same idea as we originally came up with for Shoreham airport but have adapted it for this location. This idea is that we have a man and a women tied up for reasons that get explained in this opening but we don't know who these people are or who the gang are.

We have decided what characters we will include in this scene and who they are being played by, the casting list is as follows:

  • The man getting beaten up will be played by Justin Macklin
  • The man doing the beating up will be played by George Jones
  • The man playing cards in the corner played by Lewis Morgan
  • The boss played by Dan Sheridan
  • The hostage girl played by Ellie Armstrong

As Justin and Ellie are the ones tied up its natural that they would've fought back so there would be a struggle leaving them will cuts and bruises on their face, so to make this believable we will be using make up effects to give them the look of this without inflicting any damage to them. As George is the henchman he is the bosses muscle so he will definitely have some bruises on his face so for this we are also adding some make up effects to him.

These make up effects will be done by Monika Sewell.


  1. I am very confused. If you read these last postings, I am now unclear as to where we actually now are re ideas etc. I advised that you abort Shoreham - is that now the case - if so, say so. What idea are you now running with? If you have decided, this now needs to be fully documented. Please don't just post those general Risk Assessments - i want particular location surveys for all the locations that you intend to use.

    This is becoming a concern. i need some clarity as to what exactly is happening - establish your idea and then plan from here with the rest of the requirements.


    1. I hope that this change that has been made to these last posts has helped clear this up for you, we will be doing a location survey soon and will be uploading the images from that as soon as we have done it.